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Double suction. Double fun

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Monique Rivera,

Flight Attendant

As a current flight attendant this product is a dream! No more neck or hand cramps while watching Netflix during a flight. I get to sit back and relax with the holder does all the work now. I definitely recommend this product!!!

Daniela Fowler,

Mom of Three

I fly frequently with my kids so this was great to keep them calm. Now I can download movies into my phone and not worry that they will drop the phone. I’ve used it in different planes and it’s always been easy to set up. Just bought my second one.

Maria Estupinan,

Content Creator

GREAT TRIPOD ALTERNATIVE! I use this to watch make up tutorials at my vanity everyday! Sticks perfectly to my mirror, window, and counter tops so I have even shot a couple of TikToks with it.  I would only recommend to wash the suction with water to revive the stickiness. 

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